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smyrna chapel

Starting June 3

What's In A Name?

Smyrna is one of two churches in Revelation for which the Lord has nothing against.  It was a faithful church, even in affliction and poverty.  We want to be a fellowship of believers who remain true to God's Word, care and pray for one another, be about the Lord's work which He commanded His church to do.   

The Particulars.


Through the gracious heart of the Extraordinary Education board, Smyrna Chapel is able to meet on their campus location.  The campus is located  9522 Carraway Lane, Magnolia TX.  (MAP HERE)

As we launch, we want to come together share a some food together, pray together, sing to our Savior and Lord together and study God's Word together.    We will begin at 5:00 PM and go until 7:00 PM. 

Jesus said that He alone will build His church.  As we begin this journey together, we will be obedient to Him, trusting Him to draw to himself those whom He wills.  We expect that we will go through many changes as our fellowship grows.  We will begin together in one worship and divide into age appropriate ministries as time goes on.

Who is Ted?


Ted came to the Lord and surrendered to Him in 1999, after a life filled with the pursuit of stuff.  This proved a hollow endeavor.  In 2007, he sensed a call into the ministry and after receiving good counsel, he applied to Dallas Theological Seminary.  In 2015 Ted received a Master's degree and is two Hebrew language classed from completing a second Master's.  He has served two small churches over the past seven years.  Both churches had an Asian heritage and he had responsibility for the English speaking ministries.  He has longed to depart from an entertainment based church structure to one that is dedicated to God's Word and living out Jesus' commands for believers.  

How will we start?


During the summer months, we will study the book of Jude.  Then, true to our namesake, we will begin studying the Book of Revelation in the fall.  To many Revelation is a daunting book to work through.  With rich figurative language, it can cause problems with following the flow.  But, the opening of the letter, written by the Apostle John, indicates that reading the letter aloud will be a blessing to the hearer.  We will embark on a edifying study through the book.  Check back often for recordings and notes.  You can jump in at anytime and get caught up at your leisure.  

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