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Christian Worldview Camps

Shocking Statistic.

It is hard to believe that as many as 70% of students, who grow up in a Christian home and claim to be Christian, leave the faith as they enter, progress and graduate from college.   While it is reported that perhaps as many as 30% eventually return to the church, is there something that can be done to stem the tide from them leaving in the first place.  
But, what?  The easy answer is discipleship.  That sounds good.  Sounds like the right answer.  After all, it is in the Bible. 
But, how?  Four areas within two categories.  First, the categories: What we believe as Christians and What are the prevailing worldviews they will encounter at college and beyond.   In what we believe, we must first teach students what historical, Biblical Christian has long held as true and orthodox.  Then, we must teach them where it is found and how to find it for themselves.  Like a good counterfeit detective, once they have a good grasp on the true, it is much easier to spot false.  They will encounter worldviews that run counter to Christianity.  These worldviews break into two areas: religions and non-religious worldviews.  

One Week, Lots of Ground to Cover.


We have packed a lot of topics to cover in only a one week day-camp environment.  Our primary goal is to explore as many topics as possible.  With each topic, we will give students lots of tools to do further research.  Our desire is that they will remain in Bible study with their camp small group to continue discussing both their Christian faith and how best to defend their faith against the myriad of opposition. 
While we will be covering a lot of ground, we will also have fun.  We will pray for one another.  We will share a meal.  We will sing to our Savior.  And, they will walk away confident in their Christian profession and prepared to withstand the attacks - both implicit and explicit - forthcoming at college and beyond.  

Schedule for the Week

We will look at the grand Biblical story.  Most of the time we engage is the specific study of a verse or a book, which is very fruitful.  But, we rarely take a step back to understand the grand, awe-inspiring sweep of the Biblical narrative.  It is through this study that we understand all that God has revealed of His plan of the salvation of His people and the redemption of His creation.  The Bible story has four major acts: Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Consummation.  There are also some themes that are threaded through the entire story.  Themes like love, covenant, law, and grace are central is our understanding that God does not change.  

On Tuesday we will explore the basics of Christian doctrine that have bound all Christians together through history.  We will look at Catechisms, Creeds and Confessions to fortify our understand of God, mankind, our condition, our salvation and the end times. 

On Wednesday we will take a look at the major world religions.  We will first explore their bsic beliefs.  Then we will test those beliefs and compare them to the beliefs on Christianity.  Finally, we will discuss ways to have a confident, but respectful conversation with someone form a different faith.  We will look at the major faiths that claim divine revelation: Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses and Islam.  We will then look at the eastern mystical religions of Hinduism and Buddhism.  Finally, we will consider the argument of Atheism.  

On Thursday we will look at major worldviews that our kids are likely to encounter.  These will include multiculturalism (the religion of 'diversity'), post modernism (you can't know 'truth'), modernism (science rules all), secularism (take God out of everything) and finally Marxism (socialism solves all problems.)  We will consider the main tenants of these views and compare them to Christianity.    

Friday will finally take us to consider many of the ways of thinking that are all around us, bombarding our kids.  Some of the topics will be hard to define, but we know them when we see them.  We will teach the students how to properly vet teachers, movies, musics, and authors.  We want to teach them the language and tactics of the predominate GroupThink cliches that will attempt to entice our kids.  If we make them aware of these, they will be able to reject them.  

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The Details


We will now offering two identical camps during the summer of 2018:


July 9 - 13           July 30 - August 3


We will begin at 9:00 AM and end at 3:30 PM, with lunch and snacks provided.

The camps will be held on the campus of Extraordinary Education on 2978, just south of the Woodlands.  (MAP)

The cost is $350 per camp, per student. 

Scholarships are available. 

Campers will receive lunch and snacks each day, a camp t-shirt, all printed materials and maybe a surprise or two.  But, most importantly confidence in their Christian faith and the tools to pursue a life of learning and growing in Christ.  

Questions, Comments or Scholarship Inquiry

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Fun?  Yep.

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New Friends? You bet.

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